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    BES-22L-B-LCD Autoclave

    BES-22L-B-LCD Autoclave
    • Brand Name : Runyes
    • Category : Others
    • Place of Origin : Zhejiang, China
    • Specification: BES-22L-B-LCD
    • Description :
    • European Class B standard. It adopts B-wclass(prE-13060), with 3-times per-vacuum preceding vacuum drying. Residual humidity is <0.2; Vacuum measure- ment reaches-0.80bar. It sterilizes and sanitizes miscellaneous packed or unpacked medical instruments, whether solid or A-type hollow, whether with multi-apertures or inset piper. Lt efficiently rid air from every hollow area of any hollow instrument, such as hand-piece, making sure that water steam reaches every corner. It is installed with BOWIC&DICK which measures the penetrationof water steam. There is a micro-printer or USB optional, recording the whole process of sterilizing

      Technical support:
      Physical space: 17L/22L
      Sterilizing temperature: 121 degree, 134 degree
      Data logger:
      Dry procedure: Vacuum drying
      Display: LCD, multi languages
      Test: Bowie&Dick, Leak
      Sterilizing record: There is a micro-printer optional, recording the whole process of sterilizing
      Safety Features: Pressure Release Valve and Computerized diagnosing and alam system
      Water supply system Reservoirs(3.5L fresh water and 5 liter waste water reservoirs)
      Voltage: 220V~230V
      Power: 1800W/10A
      Instrument containers: 3 trays
      Chamber size: 250mm*355mm
      Net weihgt: 56/59Kg

    Contact Info
    Company: Ningbo Runyes Medical instrument Co.,Ltd.
    Area: China/Zhejiang
    Contact: Miss liu
    Tel: 0574-27709922
    Email: runyes@runyes.com
    Fax: 0574-27709923
    Web site: http://www.runyes.com
    Add: No.456,Tonghui Road,Jiangbei Investment & Pioneering Park C,Ningbo,315000,China
    P.C.: 315033
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