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    Service Trolley

    Service Trolley
    • Brand Name : TIANAO
    • Category : Others
    • Place of Origin : Jiangsu, China
    • Specification: YC-60-J-06012
    • Description :
    • * For changing sheets in wards* Steel with plastic spary framework.* Steel tabletop:475mm×463mm.* Drawer:360mm×312mm inside and 75mm high.* Rack:445mm×433mm and 90mm high.* Plastic bag: 337mm×403mm and 700mm high* Overall Dimension1022mm×540mm×950mm * Package Dimension:1072mm×590mm×1020mm * Package:Carton* Net Weight:30kg
    Contact Info
    Company: nanjing tianao medical instruments manufacture co., ltd
    Area: China/Jiangsu
    Contact: Mr .xiao
    Tel: 025-58861013
    Email: sales@tianao.com
    Web site: http://www.tianao.com
    Add: nanjing.jiangshu
    P.C.: 210000
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