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    Contact: Jiangang Li
    Tel: 0533-6122020
    Fax: 0533-3157289

    Transparent Semi-permeable PU film health care dressing

    Transparent Semi-permeable PU film health care dressing
    • Brand Name : cheerain
    • Category : Health Care Products
    • Place of Origin : Shandong, China (Mainland)
    • Standard : CE,FDA,ISO13485
    • Supply Ability : 20,000,0000 Piece/Pieces per Month
    • Performance and Composition : PU(Medical polyurethane); Glassine Paper;Medical pressure sensitive adhesive;Contains silver nitrate suction cushion
    • Payment : L/C,T/T
    • Scope : Wound care, surgery protection, medical protection,etc
    • Description :
    • Detailed Product Description


      3.High Permeability;
      4.Strong viscosity,Hypoallergenic;
      5.Preventing the bacteria invasion.

      Transparent Semi-permeable PU film health care DRESSINGS(J)


      Brief introduction

      Sterile, thin, transparent, waterproof, breathable film, brings safe convenient reliable and complete solution to clinical intravenous infusion and wound care. Ergonomic design, complete type, suitable for different clinical needs.


      Material and Features

      -PU film, high permeable, waterproof, sterile, allows patients to shower without changing the dressing.

      -Transparent backing, convenient to observe.

      -Unique frame design, convenient to stick

      - Rounded corner, fixed firmly, uneasy for edge lifting

      -Attached sterile recording tape, convenient to record, enhance fixing to improve the quality of nursing

      -Multiple item applicable to different part of human body and variety catheters and tubes, can satisfy various clinical demand


      Clinical Recommendation

      -Fix for indwelling needle, catheters, central venous catheter, and peripheral venous catheter

      -Cares for superficiality scratch, blisters, superficial lacerations

      -Cares for apophysis and skin of friction-prone parts of the body.

      -Protect for postoperative wound and donate skin area

    Contact Info
    Contact: Jiangang Li
    Tel: 0533-6122020
    Email錛?/td> sd.cheerain@gmail.com
    Fax錛?/td> 0533-3157289
    Web site錛?/td> http://www.cheerain.com
    Add錛?/td> No. 192, Minxiang Road, High-Tech Zone, Zibo, Shandong, China (Mainland)
    P.C.錛?/td> 255000
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