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    Tianjin Xiabo Sci & Tech Co., Ltd

    Tianjin Xiabo Sci & Tech Co., Ltd

    Chongqing Xinfeng Medical Instrument Sale Co.,Ltd.

    "Tdp-CQ"Special Electromagnetic the Rapeutic apparatus.

    Chongqing Bashan Instrument Factory Sale Company Aeros Technology Group,China

    Chongqing Bashan Instrument Factory is subject to the Aeros Technology Group, China. And it is one of the main large mainstay enterprise since China Aerospace...

    Hunan Gongchuang Hengyang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Pulsating vacuum rectangular pressure steam sterilizer. (Volume: 0.3~2.4m3, Manual door or motor door)、Horizontal type rapid cooling & leak-inspecting rectan...

    Hunan Yiling Innovative Technique Limited Company

    1. Hemodynamic AnaIyze Diagnostic Automechanism.(HADA). 2. DigitaI Electroencephalograph. (DEEG).3.Cerebral Function Diagnostic Instrument....

    Shanghai Multi-med Union Co., Ltd.

    The main products are Surgical Instruments, Hygiene Material, Surgical Dressing and Cleaning Material, Biomaterial, Medical Electronic Instruments, Medical Ultr...

    Shanghai Medical Instruments(Group)Ltd.,Corp./Shanghai Huachen Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd.

    Shanghai Hua Chen Medical Instruments Co., Ltd is a specialized Co. to make all kinds of medical products. Its main products including various thermometers, dig...

    Shanghai Huifeng Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd.

    A profession that my company geography position is in the Shanghai river bank east development the area, company is a business enterprise to produce the medical...

    Shanghai Medical Suction Apparatus Factory

    SMAF is a professional factory producing series of medical suction unit, whose quality system has been assessed and found to be conformity with the requirements...

    Shanghai Wanyu Technics & Development Co.,Ltd. Hefei Heershi Technics and Develop Co.,Ltd

    We also produced following products by our own company.TS series operating-table, TD series operating-tables, DD series ceiling model, wall model and stand mode...

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    PharmNet is the largest pharmaceutical-specific website in China , also a pharmaceutical product marketing network.

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