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    Medicine and Health 2016

    Expo Date: Nov 16,2016  -  Nov 19,2016
    Venue: Permskaya Yarmarka
    Location: Permskaya Yarmarka
    City: Perm
    Country: Russia
    Topic: Medicine and Health 2016
    Organizer: Perm Fair Exhibition Center
    Date Posted: Oct 12,2016
    The XXII International Exhibition of hospital, laboratory, diagnostic and rehabilitation equipment, medical equipment, supplies, drugs and medical services will be held at Permskaya Yarmarka in Perm, Russia.
      Contact Person:
      Address: Permskaya Yarmarka
      Postal Code:
      Tel: +342-262-58-58
      Fax: +342-262-58-33
      Website: www.permmed.ru

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